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Google Chrome Users Can Benefit From Enhanced Security and Privacy Features Introduced In Version 79

Over the last few years, no company has been able to make a dent in the popularity of Google Chrome. The browser continues to dominate the significant share of the web browser market- globally. Rivals like Firefox and Opera lag far behind when it comes to user base-even though these contenders do not lack on features and performance front! Now, version 79 of Chrome is out, and that also comes with several advanced features. Google has always stressed on improving user security and thwarting hacking exploits, and this version has focused on those aspects. However, in version 79, you need to tweak a few settings manually to enhance the level of protection and boost browser performance.

There are some small and moderate enhancements in version 79 of Chrome, and one of these is Password Leak Detection. This feature was present as an extension earlier. It runs a check to see if the password you are using for logging in to a site is compromised or not. Go to Settings> Sync and Google services and then check the option “Warn you if passwords are exposed in a data breach.” However, not all users may access this feature right away as Google is rolling it out in phases. A shortcut is there to enable it, though. You can type in the address bar ‘chrome://flags’ and look for a password leak. Then activate the detection feature followed by a browser restart. After that, this setting will appear under the section ‘Sync and Google services.’

Chrome, like its rival browser, already has phishing protection. In version 79, this feature is set to get a boost. To enhance your browser’s phishing protection level, you need to go to Settings> ‘Sync and Google services’ and then select the option ‘Make searches and browsing better.’ There are two more advanced features in the new iteration of Chrome. One is tab freezing, and the other is faster speed loading when using forward and back page buttons. However, Google says on its part that the 2nd feature is still experimental and can cause the browser to crash. So, you may want to use it with a bit of caution.

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